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Those annoying little strings on bananas? They have a name AND a purpose!

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Phloems might not be very tasty, or perhaps that’s something you imagine, but they are quite healthy! Besides their important function in the growth of bananas, they also contain many vitamins, such as potassium, fibre, vitamin A and vitamin B6. Once the banana has been harvested, these vitamins remain in the phloems, making them quite healthy.


A recent study has shown that bananas covered in brown spots are even healthier than spotless ones. So, it’s really actually those that we should be eating. Eating an overripe banana has a couple of benefits you would never expect. Research has shown that eating a brownish banana has incredible health benefits. We’re pretty impressed by them, so we’ve put them into a handy little list for you:

Flecked bananas…

  • reduce your chances of getting cancer! They contain an ingredient that destroys cancer cells.
  • regulate your blood pressure! When bananas have become overripe, they contain more potassium, which stimulates a stable blood pressure.
  • cure constipation!
  • alleviate menstrual cramps!

We’ll never throw away flecked bananas again in our lives! What do you usually do with bananas that have gone brown?

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Add a brown banana to a bag of rice and you’ll never guess what happens!